Saturday, April 11, 2009

The REASONS..........

Sometimes i think am i sensitive ? Or.... Friends ???

That day i came back from that kem, i got no mood to do my report at all. I got no mood to listen back to my record of my sesi . I am sad everytime i listen to it, it hurt me so much . You know , i try my best to help my dear friend every single sesi. But when its my turn ...what i get is ? My friends just keep quiet and not even concentrate to my sesi . I really feel hurt that moment , i don't know why ?????????????????

And i hurt someone because of want to helping someone . I apologize for many time , he said he forgive me . But i can sense that he is not forgive me from the bottom of the heart. He minds, he really do . It make me thinks that is worth or not ???????

What am i doing ? I don't know ? Why i always feel hurt because of friends . Is that my problem ? I really don't know . I care about them , but who care about me . I try my best to help , but who try their best to help me. Am i too sensitive . Sometimes i hope i cannot sense anything. I am blind so that i cannot see it, sense it ........

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